Zermatt mountain water

Fresh mountain water for our restaurants.

Until last summer, the Tradition Julen Zermatt establishments mainly used mineral water from a faraway part of Switzerland, bottled in glass bottles. And this despite the fact that the water from the taps in the municipality of Zermatt is of the highest quality, impeccable mountain water, which is obtained completely emission-free and is suitable for use as table water without any problems.

Since August 2020, we are offering Zermatt mountain water in our restaurants, bottled on site in glass bottles specially adapted for us and reusable:

  • Zermatt mountain water nature
  • Zermatt mountain water with carbon dioxide
  • Zermatt mountain water enriched with oxygen

The glass bottles can also be purchased as souvenirs or gifts in the hotels. They are reusable, dishwasher safe and very stylish.

These measures primarily reduce CO2 emissions and also reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for transporting the bottles across Switzerland.