The Julen Family

Time for you. Since 1910. 

The history of the Tradition Julen began 1910 – when Andreas and Pauline Julen opened their first guesthouse. After Andreas died early, the small Meinrad waited for hours every day at the train station, hoping for travelers which he could bring to his mothers pension. People who helped him, his mother Pauline and his siblings make ends meet.

It was clear early on that Meinrad had inherited his father’s head for business. When he was 26 years old, he purchased a plot of land and built the Hotel Julen in 1937. It was completely renovated in 1981 under the direction of Meinrad and son Paul. Paul and his wife Daniela took over the management of the hotel in the same year. Additionally, they opened the restaurant Julen and the Schäferstube. Their happiness was completed by the birth of their children Paul-Marc, Sophia and Rebecca.

Today, Paul and Daniela Julen run their business together with son Paul-Marc and daughter-in-law Cindy. Rebecca Julen is the hostess of the Hotel Daniela, which has been a sister hotel to the Julen establishments for many years. Just like the sheep breeding – which is with 300 traditional Valais black nose sheep Paul Julen’s pride and joy.

Since the third generation has become active in the Julen establishments, they have added the après-ski bar Papperla Pub. In fall 2014 the Hotel Alpenhof, which was run for 31 years by Paul-Marc's uncle Hans Peter Julen and his wife Annelise, was integrated into Tradition Julen.

Paul-Marc and Cindy’s children Jarno-Meinrad and Rajan-Pierre are the beginning of the fifth generation of hoteliers.

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