General Terms & Conditions

HOTEL JULEN Zermatt AG, Riedstrasse 2, 3920 Zermatt
(hereafter named TRADITION JULEN HOTEL)
hotel client
(hereafter named GUEST)

1. Coverage

These T&C’s are valid for all legal relations between the GUEST and TRADITION JULEN HOTEL. In addition coverage extends between the GUEST and TRADITION JULEN ZERMATT AG, Riedstrasse 2, 3920 Zermatt in its role in marketing and sales for TRADITION JULEN HOTEL.

2. Conclusion of Contract

Upon the acceptance of a written, personal, electronic or phone booking and the issuing of our confirmation, a contract is con-cluded between the guest and TRADITION JULEN HOTEL. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract. Notifica-tion by e-mail is considered as written notification.

3. Booking Conditions

Valid credit card details must be supplied for all bookings not made directly through a TRADITION JULEN HOTEL or TRADITION JULEN ZERMATT AG booking office (min. date of validity must be later than planned check-out date). Fundamental requirement for all bookings is agreeing to the conditions detailed here and agreeing to the conditions detailed in the data protection declaration. In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, TRADITION JULEN HOTEL has the right to cancel the booking without notification. Clause 4 below applies with regard to cancellation costs. Varying restrictions may apply in regard to minimum stay and/or availability depending upon the booking channel and time of booking.

4. Cancellation and Booking Amendments

4.1 General Rules

Cancellations or amendments are only valid when in writing and sent to TRADITION JULEN HOTEL and a written confirmation from TRADITION JULEN HOTEL is issued. Following deadlines apply:

  • Amendments/Cancellations up to 5 days before arrival are free of charge.
  • Amendments/Cancellations up to 30 days before arrival are free of charge for all reservations between 24.12. and 06.01. (every year).
  • Amendments/Cancellations up to 21 days before arrival are free of charge for all reservations for 4 rooms or more (group reservations).
  • After expiry date of this deadline, the hotel is authorised to charge for the whole period of stay.
  • Exceptions are possible by written agreement.

4.1.1 Pre-payments
will be refunded in the form of vouchers.

4.1.2 Separate agreements (e.g. group bookings)
can be made in written form.

4.2 Cancellation Date and Insurance

The date of cancellation is determined as the date of receipt of the written cancellation notification by the booking office. In cases of hardship, cancellation costs can be covered by the GUEST’s cancellation insurance (should the guest have taken out said insurance).

4.3 Change of Name - Replacement

Should the original booker not be able to come, TRADITION JULEN HOTEL will accept a replacement person who must accept the existing booking under the same conditions. The replacement person must advise TRADITION JULEN HOTEL at an early stage (at least before arrival). The GUEST who made the original booking remains the contractual partner and is liable.

4.4 Cancellation in the Event of Force Majeure

In the event of Force Majeure, e.g. political unrest, strikes, natural disasters etc, TRADITION JULEN HOTEL may make a cancellation at short notice for safety reasons. The GUEST will be reimbursed for prepayments by voucher.

4.5 Disturbances and Limited Operation

Disturbances and limited operation, e.g. noise and/or limited operations do not give grounds for compensation or reimbursement.

4.6 «Non refundable Rates» / «Prepaid-Rate»

Should the GUEST have chosen such a rate, bookings only become firm once payment has been received. These bookings cannot be cancelled due to Force Majeure.

5. Price Amendments

TRADITION JULEN HOTEL may amend published prices in the following cases:

  • Clearly explicable printing or text errors
  • Changes in exchange rates (TRADITION JULEN HOTEL uses the daily exchange rate)
  • Newly introduced or increased statutory charges (e.g. VAT, guest taxes etc.)

Price changes for reasons other than the above-mentioned are irrelevant to a concluded contract, no matter which way the price has changed.

6. Liability for Damages

TRADITION JULEN HOTEL only bears liability in cases of intent or gross negligence. TRADITION JULEN HOTEL does not accept liability for GUEST’s property, according to Swiss law. Claims must be lodged in writing to TRADITION JULEN HOTEL up to 3 days after departure. Otherwise all claims are forfeited.

7. Use of Hotel Room

The GUEST is to use and treat the hotel room with the greatest of care. Only the number of persons stated in the contract may use the room (including children). The GUEST is not permitted to allow third parties to use the room.
The GUEST is liable for any damage unless it can be proved that these have been caused through no fault of his own (e.g. fault of fellow guests). The hotel must be advised immediately of any damage.
The use of any electrical appliances for cooking or heating water, unless provided by the hotel, is prohibited in all hotel rooms. A fine of CHF 500.00 will be charged for any offence.

8. Check-in and Check-out

The earliest check-in time is 3 pm and the latest check-out time is 11 am unless stated differently in an agreement between the contracting parties.

9. Data Protection

TRADITION JULEN HOTEL and TRADITION JULEN ZERMATT AG (as marketing and sales agents) use data according to the stipulations of Swiss Law for Data Protection and the European Data Protection Laws. The uniform Data Protection Declaration is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Contract.

10. Transfer

Guests are collected at the train station or taxi stand in Zermatt and driven to our Hotel by our e-taxi on arrival day up until 8 pm. Guests will also be driven to Zermatt’s train station or taxi stand on departure day.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All contracts concluded with TRADITION JULEN HOTEL are governed exclusively by Swiss Law. Visp is the sole place of jurisdiction in the event of any disputes arising from such contracts.