• Schwarznasenschafe unter dem Matterhorn

Appreciate - Agriculture

Tradition Julen proudly runs its own farm with over 300 sheep, 12 cows and 30 hectares of fields and meadows and a new biogas plant which will begin producing Matterhorn bio-electricity in 2015. 

Paul and Paul-Marc Julen invite their guests to visit their stables in winter or to hike up to the sheep herd in summer. 

Products from the Tradition Julen farm are available as keepsakes to take home – Zermatt will not seem so far away!

The new biogas plant will close the natural cycle in the Tradition Julen businesses – optimally and environmentally friendly. By using Zermatt’s bioorganic waste, dung and liquid manure, we can produce our own, CO2 neutral electricity.  The perfect symbiosis between farming and tourism.


Schema Biogas D