Tradition Julen

The umbrella brand Tradition Julen officially unifies since December 2013 the seven guest establishments of the Julen family. In the guest houses of the Tradition Julen the well- being of our guests is looked after 24 hrs a day. Around the clock we as a family, together with our team, are there for you. Tradition Julen stands for hotels, restaurants, agriculture and family.

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In our booklets you learn more about the Tradition Julen. The following pages will give you information about all the news and share some stories about the tradition, family and team.


Reside - Hotels

Every guest will find the perfect hotel here at our Tradition Julen Zermatt establishments. Our three 4 star hotels in different price categories offer all the comforts of top quality hotels – and a little bit more: heartfelt hospitality. 


Indulge - Gastronomy

Fine dining is much more than just stilling your hunger. Pure sensory indulgence awaits all our guests in the Julen restaurants.


Unite - Family

Time for you. Since 1910.
The history of the Tradition Julen began 1910 when Andreas and Pauline Julen opened their first guesthouse.


Appreciate - Agriculture

Tradition Julen proudly runs its own farm with over 300 sheep, 12 cows and 30 hectares of fields and meadows and a new biogas plant which will begin producing Matterhorn bio-electricity in 2015. 


The black nose sheep

“When the alpine meadows are lush and green in Zermatt, the mountain flowers bloom in intense colors and my sheep graze peacefully in front of snow-capped mountains with their long wool washed white by the summer storms, I’m happy. This is home for me.” Paul Julen‘s eyes sparkle.


The cows

Paul Julen is a passionate shepherd. This didn’t stop him from thinking about having some cows of his own once he had heard that the future of the Evolener breed of cows, and indeed that of the dairy in Zermatt, was in danger. No sooner said than done


Best price guarantee

When booking through you are guaranteed the best price. Should you find a better offer on another website on the same day, Tradition Julen will match the lower price.


Our partners

Networking, connecting, maintaining relationships, family. The Tradition Julen maintains relationships in different sectors. Please find below some of our partners: