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A piece of Tradition Julen to take home? Explore our Tradition Julen shop at the Hotel Alpenhof before travelling back home. Already home? You can order online from our Valais Prime Food delicatessen.

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Valais Prime Food in Zermatt – Exclusive to Tradition Julen

Tradition Julen stands for quality and transparency. Including when it comes to meat. Anyone that knows us knows that we really value nature and mountain agriculture. Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts, as we live from and with nature, the environment and animals.

Good meat is a matter of taste. To many people, it’s just as important that the animals are kept properly. Want to make sure that the animal had a good life? That’s important to us too. The way an animal is kept has a big influence on the quality of the meat. High-quality feed and a stress-free life that the animal is allowed to enjoy directly influence the taste.

Our flock of around 300 blacknose sheep - wonderful, traditional animals with spiral horns, long white wool and black patches on their legs and heads - graze from June to September at 2,000 to 3,000 metres above sea level.

They’re happy there, we’re sure of that. They enjoy the best mountain herbs and the peace at the foot of the Matterhorn. They spend the rest of the year in the barn at Tradition Julen in Zermatt. There, we dote on our animals, providing them with enough exercise outside as well as high-quality local feed. Have you visited our barn yet? You’re very welcome!

As our guests value traditional meat dishes so much, our own farm cannot cover the demand from all Tradition Julen restaurants. We can’t avoid having to buy in meat. When selecting our new partner and supplier (from December 2017), we were very strict in ensuring that they share our philosophy and values.

We will not compromise on quality. So we were overjoyed that Valais Prime Food brings together like-minded farms and exclusively provides meat from providers that put the same values into practice as Tradition Julen. To put it simply: our expectations have been met in full. We can ensure our guests that each piece of meat that is labelled as 'Valais Prime Food' on our menu is definitely from Valais. Valais Prime Food stands for high-quality, local and appropriate rearing. Like Tradition Julen.

  • 100% from Valais - born, raised and lived in Valais, given feed from Valais and prepared in Valais. Guaranteed.
  • Exclusive products with no synthetic additives

In order to meet the high standards of our international customers, we have to procure meat from abroad - including exclusive breeds such as bison. Just like with our Valais Prime Food specialities, we look for the best quality and correct declarations for all other meat.

We are very happy that you value the proper rearing of animals and high-quality meat, and thank you for your trust.

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