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A good night's sleep - February 2015

Counting sheep takes on a whole new meaning here: since the winter season 2014/15, all of the mattrasses, bed covers, pillows and cushions in our establishments will be exchanged for products that have been made including Swiss wool and wool from our own herd of black nose sheep. You can even order these exclusive, handmade mattresses for your own home.

Tradition Julen has actively promoted sustainability for several generations. The Julen family farms the largest herd of black nose sheep in Europe and one day they came up with the idea of using their sheep‘s wool for the mattresses in their hotels.

After researching different manufacturers and concepts, the Swiss firm COROON was chosen to produce the «Julen Deluxe» mattresses. COROON has developed a new method which combines diverse requirements and special features and makes these mattresses by hand in their workshop in Feusisberg. The 100% natural materials, which are predominantly of Swiss origin, facilitate an excellent bed climate. 

Tradition Julen’s mattresses are a milestone and a showcase product for the Swiss hotel industry. Can you imagine anything better for a good night’s sleep than a mattress made from alpine sheep’s wool – alpine panorama and the Matterhorn included? The epitome of authenticity and respect for nature.