Nature & family experiences

Immerse yourself in the nature of Zermatt. Experience the glacier close up on a guided glacier crossing. Let yourself be enchanted by a hike past the crystal-clear lakes where the Matterhorn is reflected. A variety of fireplaces invite you to grill, relax, explore and play. The turquoise water of the mountain lakes promise a refreshing cooling on hot summer days. We have put together our favourite excursions for you. Forget the everyday life, but not your picnic! On request, we can put together your individual Tradition Julen picnic box.

Guided hikes

Theodul glacier crossing

Hike across the Theodul glacier with an experienced guide. By the way, this hike is part of the Monte Rosa Tour and the Tour de Cervin. Get more information here!

Glacier hike «Touch the Matterhorn»

The moderately difficult hike leads you close to the Matterhorn, where you can watch the mountaineers at the «Horu» with binoculars. . More information about this tour!

Theme trails

Blumenweg cr Michael Portmann


Hike to Stellisee, where the Matterhorn is reflected in the waters of the mountain lake. The trail leads past old side moraines of the Findel glacier. More about this hike here!

Walk around 5 lakes

On this hike of the superlative, the Matterhorn reflects in three lakes. Along the trail you find swimming possibilities, picnic areas and a children's playground. The hike is suitable for children from 6 years.  More about this hike here!

Peak Collection Rothorn

On this open-air exhibition 18 sculptures characterize each one or two mountains. Mountain guides brought summit stones and tell about their experiences with the mountain. You'll get to know the mountains of the Alps!  Further information here!

Path to freedom

On the highest hiking trail of Zermatt you will learn more about the mineral and the spiritual world and enjoy the view of 38 four-thousand meter peaks from three different countries. Here you find more information!

Marmot trail

Not only wooden sculptures and educational infotables await you on the marmot trail. With some luck, you can also see real marmots. An absolute highlight for families. Everything about the marmot trail here!

Flower trail

On the hike from Blauherd to Sunnegga, you will learn more about the magnificent alpine flora. Discover precious edelweiss flowers, alpine roses and local rarities. More about the flower trail!

Panorama trail Zermatt

Did you know that mountains hike? Well, geologists have discovered African rocks in the Matterhorn, which means that the Matterhorn was part of the African continent. The infotables along the trail reveal such information! Worth a hike! More information here!

How animals survive winters

Past the Stellisee and the Fluhalp restaurant, you will learn how the animals of the Alps gather their strength during summer and survive the hard winters in the mountains. You'll get to know some true survival artists. I want to know more!

Matterhorn glacier trail

Walk from Trockener Steg to Schwarzsee along the glacier, past stations that explain the phenomenon of glaciers and the history of the Furgg glacier. More about the trail!

Larch walk

From the Schwarzsee through the wild-romantic larch forest along the mountain flank towards Hermettje, you will get to know the life of the nutcracker bird. More about this walk here!

Matterhorn trail

Hike from Schwarzsee to Zermatt and get to know Matterhorn stories told by Marcel Eyer's wooden sculptures. More information about the trail!

Furi trail

Discover the traces of the Gorner glacier movements: moraines, deposits, smoothly polished and scarred rocky surfaces and round bumps - all witnesses of the glacier's advances and retreats. More about this trail here!

Family experiences

Wollis Erlebnispark cr Michael Portmann

Furi adventure world

Explore the suspension bride, the Gorner gorge and the absolute highlight, the Ricola herb garden near Blatten. Who invented it? More about this experience here!

Wolli's adventure park at Sunnegga

The children explore the adventurous playground at the idyllic Leisee and the barbecue places invite you to have lunch with a view of the Matterhorn. More information here!

Junior travelcard and children’s co-travelcard

Did you know that excursion guests younger than 15 years old and accompanied by a free guide on all facilities of the Zermatt mountain railways? More about this offer here!

Barbecue areas

Grillplatz cr Michael Portmann

Barbecue area at Dossen glacier garden

After the picnic, the nearby playground Dossen invites your kids to play and have fun. More information here!

«Schweizer Familie» barbecue area glacier garden

Listen to the distant sound of the water in the middle of the dreamlike larch forest. More information here!

Barbecue area at lake Schalisee

Idyllically located by the turquoise blue lake, the shady spots invite you to linger on hot summer days. More information here!

«Schweizer Familie» barbecue area Mettelbrücke

At this barbecue area you get to observe the passing Matterhorn-Gotthard train between Zermatt and Visp. More information here!

«Schweizer Familie» barbecue area Täsch-Schali

Savour your lunch at the shady tables and benches, play soccer on the small football field and enjoy the nearby lake on hot summer days. More information here!

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