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Zermatt offers a huge array of opportunities for adventure seekers. Climb a majestic mountain, fly over the Matterhorn in a helicopter, swing from tree to tree in a safety harness or climb through one of our climbing routes like a mountain goat. Happiness guaranteed! Forget your daily life, but not your meal on-the-go! On request we put together your individual Tradition Julen picnic box according to your taste.

For peak performers

Breithorn cr AlpinCenter


The Breithorn is an excellent choice for your first 4'000 meter peak, or as preparation for the Matterhorn. A mountain guide will lead you safely across snow and glaciers up to the peak at 4'164 metres above sea level. More about this tour!


The Matterhorn is one of the most difficult «must do’s» and an alpine guide is recommended. Fitness and experience in rock climbing are essential prerequisites for the ascent and descent over rock and ice. More information here!

Up, up and around!

Helikopter Rundflug cr Air Zermatt

Skydive Matterhorn

Simply unforgettable! First the amazing alpine views from the helicopter and then the tandem jump! More information here!

Air Zermatt sightseeing flight

Apart from transport and safety flights, Air Zermatt also offers scenic flights. Fly around the majestic Matterhorn and enjoy the panoramic views of the imposing alpine world. Also possible to book as a gourmet scenic flight. More about the helicopter flights here!

Fun on two wheels

Bike cr Matterhornparadise

Single & Downhill Trails

From Sunnegga down steep tracks, tight corners, high steps and long jumps. Choose your line according to your abilities. More about the trails!

Bike School Zermatt

The Bike School offers private guiding through Zermatt’s wonderful alpine surroundings. Group courses for all rider levels available. All information here!


The Zermatt cable cars will transport you and your bike up the mountain. They offer day passes with reductions on children’s passes. Details about the bike pass here!

Mountain Bike Guiding

Local bike guides offer individual tours to suit all rider levels and demands on terrain. Here you find what you're looking for!


These robust kickbikes are a fun way to get from Sunnegga to the village of Zermatt, through larch forests, across idyllic fields towards the Matterhorn. More information here!

Cheer while climbing
Klettern cr AlpinCenter

Forest Fun Park

Feel like tarzan... swing from tree to tree and climb over obstacles in a safety harness. Great family fun with different levels of difficulty. Here you get to know more!

Gorner gorge

Just on the outskirts of Zermatt, this fascinating natural spectacle is well worth a visit. Wooden paths lead through the gorge, letting you see what the power of water can do. More information here!

Dynamic fixed rope route Gorner gorge

Climb up this dynamic climbing route with a mountain guide, over naturally formed rock formations and on man-made climbing aids. All information here!

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