Safety - Disinfection - Hygiene

Tradition Julen is now fit for the future in terms of hygiene

Hygiene has always been a key issue in the establishments of Tradition Julen Zermatt.
But now it has gained even more importance, especially with regard to disinfection. We have taken advantage of the unexpected "forced break" to plan the future of our establishments in relation to the changing needs of our guests.

The Tradition Julen was also brought to a standstill by this extraordinary situation. For us, however, this is all the more reason to continue and look optimistically into the future. The question inevitably arose: How will the needs of the guests change, for example in the matter of hygiene? Together with a Swiss SME, the company NOVAPURA, we have succeeded in developing a new, innovative concept that can be easily implemented during ongoing operations. From now on, we will be taking additional precautions in terms of hygiene and disinfection, for the protection and safety of our guests and employees.

Efficient but discreet hygiene concept

Together with Thomas Müller from NOVAPURA we have intensively dealt with the topic of disinfection.
Thomas Müller: "Together we have developed a new hygiene concept especially for hotels and restaurants. This enables us to meet the new challenges with highly efficient products".

It is important to all of us that the extended measures can be implemented very discreetly, because after all the holiday feeling should not be impaired. Hand disinfectants are now available for guests at any time. Often touched surfaces in restaurants and hotels are also cleaned and additionally disinfected. It is important that no hospital odours develop. Therefore we use alcohol-free cleaning and disinfecting agents for the gastronomy businesses, for example for tables or menus, which nevertheless guarantee micro-organic purity. The rooms are disinfected by means of a diffuser, the spray mist spreads the disinfection throughout the room and thus reliably covers all surfaces. For the door handles we use a varnish with sealing effect. It is invisible and makes cleaning and disinfecting easier.

Tradition Julen is therefore ready for the future.


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