Hiking by the Matterhorn

Hiking with guaranteed sunshine

Whoever hikes in Zermatt hikes with the sun! Do you fancy active relaxation and pure indulgence? Unique sporting experiences await you around the Matterhorn village.

The car-free village of Zermatt gives us over 300 days of sunshine. Unbelievable? But true! Experience the unique flora and fauna on over 400 km of hiking trails and countless tours. Zermatt is the cradle of alpinism - and the cradle of relaxation and enjoyment. The Matterhorn village unites everything in perfection. Culture and tradition are lived, modern mountain railways offer the possibility to comfortably reach the highest mountain peaks. Those who want to climb high under their own steam can book a climbing course, a glacier tour or climb a 4000m peak. Unforgettable mountain experiences await you!