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Head chef Hubert Koenig

Hubert Koenig is 46 years old and has been a chef for 28 years. So apart from his flair and sensitivity, Hubert brings lots of experience with him and has been cooking for Tradition Julen since 2009. Cooking at 2,200 m. above sea level demands a certain amount of flexibility, which presents a challenge now and then for our Restaurant Stafelalp head chef – a challenge that he relishes! His strong point of being able to keep his cool comes in very handy sometimes! The Frenchman just says „Dabord la reflexion – puis l’action!“ to himself and his team in such hectic situations. Just as he enjoys a challenge, he also enjoys being able to pamper guests who take time to sit together and enjoy each other’s company and some excellent food. His motto suits „Be nice to everyone you meet along your way because when you have a fall you will be bound to meet them again“.

Hubert Koenig is somewhat of a sporting ace, having completed the Zermatt Marathon 10 times. His humour, personal drive and easy-going disposition motivates everyone in Tradition Julen and in particular his Stafelalp team. He has a great rapport with all of his staff, which can surely be felt by his guests too.


Hubert König, head chef
Restaurant Stafelalp

Native place:
Berrwiler in Elsass, France

Zodiac sign:


Sport, photography and travelling

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What is special about the Stafelalp menu?
The combination of traditional and modern styles. Lots of our guests visit us again and again because of our selected specialities of the house.

And they are?
Planche Gourmande, Hot Stone , Tarte Tatin

What is so great about being a chef?
The challenge of producing top quality meals for our guests, day in day out.

Which daily challenge is the toughest at Stafelalp?
Being ready when our guests come – regardless of the most difficult of weather conditions! A challenge that must be met again and again when you want to pamper your guests at 2'200 meters above sea level!

Which is your all-time-favourite ingrediant when cooking?
Fresh herbs!

What is your favourite meal when you are at home?
I only go home to sleep.

Which is your favourite speciality from Valais? 
Mountain cheese and white wine soup.

What would you be, if not a chef?

What do you associate with the word „Zermatt“?
The story of my life...